Pathway of Hope

Pathway of Hope focuses on identifying and addressing root cause issues for people living in poverty. It is a high impact strengths-based case management approach to providing targeted services to people with a desire to take action to break the cycle of crisis and vulnerability.

Through Pathway of Hope, intensive individualized supports are given in order for participants to achieve short- and long-term goals. Participants will learn new strategies and coping mechanisms that will have a positive impact on their lives and allow individuals to move from "crisis living" to planning for their future.

Community Garden

Community Garden

Participants of the community garden include adults as well as youth. They have an opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of where their food comes from, which increases their ability to make healthy food choices.

The garden helps increase community involvement, physical activity and provides fresh food to be used in the various programs offered.

The Nourish Program is closely connected with the Community Garden and promotes healthy living through the provision of nutritional information following Canada’s food guide, menu planning, sharing of ideas, recipes, group cooking and proper food storage.


The impetus behind Nourish is to improve access to healthy and affordable food and to gain knowledge on how best to incorporate these foods into their daily lives. Monthly presentations on health-related issues such as wellness and nutrition, diabetes, heart health and obesity will accompany our program and provide 8-10 participants with valuable information on how to live healthier. The Nourish Program is a unique cooking class that runs monthly following health-related presentations; a local chef leads the cooking class. Participants are able to package and take food to their families and are also encouraged to utilize their skills at home leading to a healthier lifestyle.

Life Skills

The Life Skills workshops will incorporate the elements of decision-making, personal awareness and management, personal health and community living. All workshops will work to enhance participants’ capacity to handle challenges and improve their emotional, social and physical health. Each program will incorporate best practices to positively impact social determinants of health, promoting recovery and hope.

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